Etikk og verdier

As a major player within our industry, we are aware that Malthus Uniteam is more than just our products and services. Our responsibilities stretch beyond the physical delivery of our products and services and we always strive to encourage and promote equality and fairness.

Corporate values

One of our essential corporate values is that we should always act honestly and sincerely towards our employees, customers and other stakeholders. This is one of the core elements of our initial training of our employees and an essential part of our ethical guidelines.

At Malthus Uniteam we respect each other, our customers and our partners, and we put great emphasis on behaving in a respectful and decent manner. We promote and uphold respect for the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights and do not tolerate any discrimination, including discrimination based on race, gender, language and religion.

Employees and HSE

A good employee community and a high share of employee engagement in the development and direction of the company are factors that characterize our organization. In addition to national labor- and reporting laws related to HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), we follow a number of other guidelines and policies. Including «Internkontrollforskriften» (Internal Control Regulations) that guides our internal procedures for health and safety work, as well as how to follow-up on these areas. In addition, we collaborate with builders to follow the guidelines contained in «Byggherreforskriften» regulated to safety, health and work on construction sites, and others.

Governance and whistleblowing

Malthus Uniteam has the internal structures and reporting lines in place to ensure that all our activities are planned, organized and conducted in a safe manner. The management system is certified and built in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 standard. Furthermore, we have Achilles, Sellicha and Startbank qualification and comply with the responsibilities under
the Norwegian Building Act.

Malthus Uniteam has a well-established policy for whistleblowing. Anyone who becomes aware of unacceptable behavior or procedures that are in breach with Malthus Uniteam’s ethical regulations and/or CSR policy or applicable laws and regulations, have the right and a responsibility to notify.

Anticorruption, social dumping and undeclared work

Malthus Uniteam is actively working to prevent corruption, social dumping and undeclared work. In addition, we only work with subcontractors that uphold the same standards and policies. Both in relations to undeclared work, as well as in terms of working conditions and ethical policies.

Malthus Uniteam is a member of the Norwegian Contractors Association (EBA) and the Norwegian Rental Association (NU).