Developing value-creating relationships between us, our customers and suppliers, as well as with the community in which we operate, is a central element in Malthus Uniteam’s business philosophy. Moreover, as a multinational company, we strongly believe that undertaking initiatives to promote greater environmental and social responsibility are essential building blocks to ensure profitable and sustainable growth.

Malthus Uniteam seeks to balance economic, environmental and social considerations. In support of this, we have a set of well-founded ethical values that form the basis for how we behave and work together within the company and towards other stakeholders.

Our responsibility in areas such as safety, environment, ethics and anti-corruption are well knit into the company through our guidelines and policies and the strategies implemented are solidly rooted in our management team and board.

Malthus Uniteam follows the guidelines for CSR as given in ISO 26000. The guidelines are based on relevant declarations and conventions drawn up by the United Nations and subordinate organizations. In addition, we have developed clear objectives for HSE that we monitor in the same way as our financial goals.

Our KPI’s within HSE are summarized and communicated throughout the company and to our owners on a monthly basis.

With the policies implemented, we are confident that our company is well equipped to monitor, analyze and follow up on environmental, social and governance areas. Furthermore, all safety standards and regulations are uphold and complied with. Our employees are highly experienced and we are proud to deliver products and services that have a minimal environmental footprint.