Malthus Uniteam’s founding principles on HSEQ are that we never compromise on safety or quality. We have a very strong record of accomplishment – in which we intend to keep.

1.0 Introduction

Ensuring safety and quality in everything we do is the responsibility of the line management, and everyone from CEO to project supervisors share this responsibility. We expect and demand that all of our employees share this responsibility and further that they contribute actively to build a companywide safety culture. All leading personnel in the Malthus Uniteam family must ensure that all operations are carried out in compliance with Malthus Uniteam safety policies, systems, procedures, work instructions and in accordance with the customer’s expectations.
We also set high demands towards our sub-contractors and we work actively to support them in order to fulfill Malthus Uniteam’s obligations as a main contractor.

2.0 Malthus Uniteam is a people business

Our goal is to be the best in our market. Therefore, we need people who share our goal, and wants to be the best in what they do. We believe in developing people through competence and leadership. When providing people, the best knowledge we believe that they develop to be more competent and secure. That is why we focus on good leadership. Malthus Uniteam believe that people need good leadership in order to understand what we try to achieve, and what’s expected from them. We work actively to develop confident leaders.

3.0 Customer focus

Looking after our customers and give them the best – each day and every day is a core principle of Malthus Uniteam’s operation. We have a strong addiction to quality. We expect our employees to take care of our customers and use the company’s wellestablished set of systems and procedures as tools to obtain this goal.Malthus Uniteam Norway is certified according to the international quality standard, ISO 9001 and are very proud of this certificate. In addition, we operate a management system in accordance with the environmental standard ISO 14001.
Our management system handled in our Intranet, is a strong set of best practice oriented documents established, developed and maintained, through a more than 40 year of experience in our field and strongly influenced by our widespread cooperation with customers both in the building industry, public and oil and gas sector.

4.0 Zero harm

The most important thing we do is making sure that no one gets hurt in and from our operations!
In all of Malthus Uniteam’s locations and projects worldwide, we have operating and safety processes that are some of the most advanced in the modular building and camp-hotel industry. We work in a safety critical industry, and towards different segments and customers, with a Zero harm to people and environment perspective as the everyday goal. Malthus Uniteam have a very strong HSE record, which we are proud to present.We believe that in order to keep this strong record of accomplishment, it is important to have a staff that adhere to all our safety procedures, take and follow safety initiatives and share best practice learning. We believe that complacency is a danger in order to keep a strong safety performance, and further that in developing and maintaining strong and sound safety habits, which we continually challenge and refresh, we will be able to keep our very good record of accomplishment. Malthus Uniteam have a central HSEQ department, which operates through the line management. The ultimate responsibility of all HSEQ is with the group CEO which through the board and the corporate management team ensures that HSEQ is managed effectively throughout our business.
The CEO are responsible that the HSEQ policy and strategy are clearly communicated, resourced, implemented and reviewed on an annual basis.

5.0 Documentation

5.1 Strong management through documented procedures.

Malthus Uniteam have an established set of HSEQ procedures, presented through our intranet system. The management team are responsible to make sure that our business units are working according to our established set of procedures.

The procedures which, are audited regularly, enables us to:

  • Work safely, identify and manage risks
  • Communicate safety
  • Investigate accidents and incidents (Through Mellora system)
  • Ensure compliance
  • Secure competence
  • Deliver projects according to customer expectations and deliver according to them
  • Not cause harm to environment
  • Work securely with chemicals
  • Operate all our building sites including transport and lifting modules, installing modules and de-commissioning of camps and removal of modules in a safe manner.

In order to maintain and develop our systems and knowledge we believe in:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Control of records
  • Good process on incident investigation
  • Sharing of lessons learned
  • Internal audits
  • Use of KPI’s
  • Sub-contractor management, including audits
  • People management – assess competence and develop people’s competence

6.0 Ethics

Malthus Uniteam believe that working according to the highest ethical standards is essential.

We respect our people, we respect our customers and we respect and support all international standards and legislative demands in all areas we operate. Malthus Uniteam have a well-established Code of Conduct procedure.

Malthus Uniteam will not:

  • Knowingly operate illegal practices
  • Use child labour
  • Treat people with disrespect

Malthus Uniteam will:

  • Provide decent working conditions
  • Operate according to all relevant legislative standards; in all parts, we are present
  • Treat people with respect
  • Secure that people who report illegal activities are protected (through our whistle blower procedure)
  • Strive to provide a strong job security
  • Communicate regularly with all of our employees and customers
  • Provide high quality management and inspiring leadership.

7.0 Suppliers

Use of suppliers and sub-contractors is a vital part of Malthus Uniteam’s business strategy. We shall ensure through our effective supplier evaluation and selection system that all suppliers act according to clients expectations and Malthus Uniteam’s high HSEQ standards. We believe that, through active cooperation, communication and clear and consistent management with our subcontractors, together with a defined set of KPI’s reflecting client and Malthus Uniteam’s HSEQ goals, we shall keep our strong HSEQ and productions record. We will monitor sub-contractor performance throughout all phases of our projects using a predefined set of KPI’s.We do also audit subcontractor prior to and during projects.

8.0 Day to day HSEQ management

People are central to our success, and projects are core to our business. The safety at all construction sites are our top priority. No one shall get hurt working for MalthusUniteam.
We believe that only through actively engage all our employees and people working for Malthus Uniteam we will have a safe construction site. We have, at all times a strong focus on good and secure site management on all building sites.

We strongly advocate that:

No one shall look the other way, and we encourage all to STOP THE JOB if we observe or perform activities that will compromise our own or our colleagues’ safety.

We use tool-box talks on a regular basis in order to actively engage the operating staff. We communicate risks and lessons learned with on-site staff and equip all of our sites with HSEQ communication boards according to Norwegian legislation.

Malthus Uniteam actively cooperate with our elected safety delegates and trusted elected personnel. All staff working with or for Malthus Uniteam are provided with “My HSE Booklet” a pocket size HSE manual aiming to provide each, and every one vital HSE information. The guide focus on core knowledge on various topics as:

  • Roles and responsibility
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Notification of incidents
  • Workplace information
  • General HSE advice including first aid information.

In addition, all employees are encouraged to report all incidents, and give both positive and negative feedback through our observation cards “What did I see, what did I do”. All reports are logged in our Safety Management System as NCR or Observation and undergone a process before close out.

9.0 Statistics

In Malthus Uniteam we believe that through a systematic approach we can be proactive in every field. We actively monitor our performance in fields as HSEQ, Non Conformances and financial and operation management. The data is available to all employees through our intranet and is updated on a monthly basis. We communicate our HSEQ performance through a monthly status report published on Intranet and as a direct mail to all employees.

10.0 Environment policy

In Malthus Uniteam we believe in operating sustainably!
Our products and services are eco-friendly and our construction sites have an average sorting on more than 90%.
Malthus Uniteam include environment in our decision processes, together with health and safety. We also have a strong focus on environment in our planning and management of all our projects and business processes.

We shall:

  • Meet or exceed legal requirements for environment as with health & safety.
  • Identify, evaluate, manage and prevent potential environment, health and safety risks.
  • Minimize harmful environmental impact from our operations, limit use of dangerous goods and have good waste management and recycling.
  • Maintain a management system to address environment, health and safety activities.
  • Verify compliance with management practices and objectives, and ensure that results are measured.
  • Continually improve our performance in all aspects of environment, health and safety within a framework of sustainable development and responsible management.
  • Increase our employees, clients and sub-contractor’s awareness and provide training when needed to ensure that environment, health and safety factors are properly addressed in the daily activities.

MalthusUniteam operates according to the demands set out in ISO 14001.

MalthusUniteam are also member of Grønt Punkt.

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